How To Continuously Improve (Part 8)

  • What’s next?
  • How do we want the conditions to be?
  • How should the process operate, and what is its typical pattern?

Target vs. Target Condition

In most organizations, it is widely accepted to put forward some targets for the future, and they are in the forms of KPIs, cost-cutting, lead time, revenue, and so on. In practice, we can see targets like “increase revenue by 10%” or “decrease lead time by 5 days.” It is called focusing on the outcomes of the process rather than the process itself.

Target is about the symptom and outcome. Target Condition is about the cause and the process.

The very purpose of Target Condition is to help identify obstacles and the root causes of the problem.

  • First, do not forget that in order to wake up early, you should go to sleep early, taking into consideration that the normal sleeping hours are in the range of 7–9. So, learn your habits and current condition, and answer the question: “When you normally go to sleep?” If the hours range from 11 PM — 2 AM, then set a target condition to reduce the range to 11 PM — 1 AM.
  • Secondly, learn the current condition about nutrition as it also one of the factors that affect sleep habits. For example, if you eat things and drink things much at night in the present condition, that may really be a sign that makes you unstable in your sleep. So, reduce the food and beverage intakes from 100% to 70%. But… you love chocolates and the stuff… however, as long as they are conflict with your vision, you should act accordingly and decide!

Current Condition:

  • going to bed between 11 PM — 2 AM;
  • food intake after 9 PM: 100%;
  • looking at the (laptop, smartphone) screen after 10 PM: 50 mins;

Target Condition:

  • going to bed between 11 PM — 1 AM;
  • food intake after 9 PM: 70%;
  • looking at the (laptop, smartphone) screen after 10 PM: 25 mins.

What can the Target Condition give us?

It enables us to find out and work on the real problems and hindrances between the Current and Target Conditions. In turn, we can either give up and avoid the obstacles to change the direction or puzzle them out to continue moving towards the vision. Which way is better!? You decide!



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Zukhriddin Abdurakhmonov

Zukhriddin Abdurakhmonov


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